Wistful Thinker

I tried to ask myself in front of the mirror, What is seriously wrong with you? Are you really that dumb or dork? Why people can’t notice that you are worthy enough to keep? I muttered morosely, Truly, I cannot live without people in my life But sometimes, I couldn’t the take the pressure and […]

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Gold Plated

I must feel the bliss I must feel impudent and imperious through my words I produced a gold plated maybe you are one of my products.   But my heart was honed to be submissive I don’t need to showcase that I was sui generis in my own kind no, I should remain unassertive. I’m […]

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Words and Feelings

They say, when you try to love someone expect that you will be hurt, so badly perhaps not now, but eventually. They say, bread is more delicious when it is partnered with coffee, some things are perfectly blend some things are made for each other. but a word, it is meaningless unless you will mix […]

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The lad with doleful visage  was riding inside the horseless carriage I could see through his eyes the unfathomable void he was engrossed creating his own world. In his face plastered a turgid smile when he caught my glimpse for my instincts whispered discretely  when I saw him, I saw the death of me. A […]

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A Bereft Lover

I was lost in the world that I carry inside me, and I’m just beginning to discover it. I found you, but I lost myself, I’ve fixed your heart but I broke mine. I could remember vividly, we were holding each other’s hands while our feet submerged into the snow we stared at each other […]

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It isn’t Nice to Meet You

Staring blankly at the white ceiling of my room, Listening to the ticking of the clock Wondering if this is the right time To close my eyes, And fall asleep, Forever. People don’t know that I’ve been shrouded With these black clouds, with these eerie and terrifying voices inside my head, I hope someone could […]

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