words by: CJ Sanchez. Listening to the schmaltzy music makes me forlorn, The doleful face of palm trees I cannot fathom. They are telling me the world is coming to an end, I do believe them, I can feel it in my hands. End is inevitable, love will vanish, greed will arouse, hatred and envy […]

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Lasting Heartache

words by: CJ Sanchez One time I had a dream you and I, beneath the spectacular view of sunset, Making promises to each other that our love will last forever . You kissed me on my forehead, you hugged me tight , It feels so comfortable just like, I don’t want to let you go. […]

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A Green Beast of Burden

Words by: CJ Sanchez Do not walk beside me, for I could smell your dying soul, I could smell your rotten mouth, I could smell your foul stench. You looked at me with covetousness, you smiled but I heard… you hissed from a dead guy’s body, you metamorphosed into a snake. Don’t come near me, […]

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words by: CJ Sanchez I opened my eyes, the room was too dark and dusty I was soaked with sweat, but it’s cold like a winter. they are taunting me, I can’t escape them, I can’t escape the killer.  I thought I was free, but the truth is I am not, and I will never […]


Underneath her Shadow

words by: Christian Jay Sanchez I hid myself under your shadow coz I thought, I could find myself there But under that scathing shadow of yours There’s a demon hiding and it stops me from growing We used to be inseparable What you know, you must tell me What I know, I must tell you […]

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Four Corners of Solitude

Words by: CJ Sanchez I found the place where I’m really belong. It’s here, in the dark and obscure room. It was cozy. I, myself couldn’t see my own reflection. I wasn’t depressed, I was just sad. Probably the loneliest and saddest person you’ve ever met. But I didn’t regret anything in my life. I’m […]

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