City Lights and Coffee

I don’t need a man To complete me, I don’t need fancy cars To make me happy I don’t need to wear extravagant dresses To catch people’s attention. What I need is a cup of tea, starry night, serene wind, City lights, Book in my lap, And a soothing music. With that, I could say, […]

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A Resolution

To not trust anyone To not trust the future To not trust the world To not trust what I have To not trust myself To only trust God That’s my ultimate goal this new year   Happy new year awesome writers here in WordPress! Let’s keep writing! God bless you all. 🎉😘🌼

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I’m sure you’ve tried to love someone, but I’m not certain if they love you too I’ve tried to bestow the love I thought everyone deserves. But it gives a pang in my heart Knowing that my love will never be enough. It’s not the sadness that pollutes my heart It’s not the heartache that […]



  I wish, I am not as hopeless as the moon who’s always praying to see the sun. I wish, I am as gorgeous as the red flower that blooms during summer. I wish I was her, but no, I can’t be her. I will never be her. Even I wanted to be. the moment […]


The Sad Girl’s Wish

    I wish, I was that girl whom you called beautiful. I wish, I was that girl you texted every night. I wish, I was that girl you hugged when the rain was pouring heavily. I wish, I was that girl whom you loved more than yourself. I wish, I was that girl in […]

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Walking Destruction

Everyone avoids me because I’m a walking destruction. I’m full of drama, tragic is my theme. I’ve used other language as my catharsis, so they won’t understand me, but deep inside, I need their sympathy. Hold me tight! I am about to cry I am too hopeless I am too fragile. Please, hold me I […]

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