You told me,
You loved me
I could feel it
As you caress my face
as you smell my hair
as you kiss me
On my forehead
and as you whisper my name.

We were lying on my bed,
with our body tied together
Your left hand on my waist
and my right hand on your firm chest.

It feels too surreal
to be true,
Whenever I hear
“I love you”
But when the two hearts collided
they became


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‪And when our gazes met,‬
‪that strange feeling‬
‪in my stomach‬
‪the thing they called‬
‪Prickle of excitement ‬
‪is no longer there.‬
‪Your existence‬
‪Doesn’t excite me anymore‬
‪just like then‬,
‪when you used to love me
‪and I used to love you.‬


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Femme Fatale

What I can’t understand is,
Why men choose to love a femme fatale

where they could find the true and genuine love
if they will just open their heart,
not their eyes.



femme fatale- a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations.

Future Self

Keep on your mind that you have to work for yourself alone,  because whether you like it or not, in the mere future, you will be alone. You are born to be alone and that’s your fate. You are destined to be sad.


But you know what? You are strong.

It’s you who’s truly strong, it’s not the colleague whom you look up to because she doesn’t cry, it’s you.


You  are strong enough to accept that your life is not perfect. You are strong enough to accept that you are all alone as you venture through the path of darkness in the world
with only one candle in your hand. You are strong enough to accept that people will leave you no matter how close you are to them.

All people, all friendship, all relationship are temporary and ephemeral.

You will conquer the world alone, you will die alone without anyone weeping on you. It’s okay right? You’ve already reconciled that you will be okay. Maybe it’s hard for them to decipher you but you don’t need them to understand you. Only you can understand yourself, only you can see what your flaws are.


And wherever the wind takes you, please stand sturdily and ardently.

You just need to breathe and wait for your last breath. For now, that’s the only compliment that I could bestow to you: you are strong to accept everything in your life.

and please, fight, even you already mastered the pain of not being loved.

Your Present Self


The Friends I Can Always Count On

We can travel anywhere without neglecting our academics.”

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There are two things that these people taught me as we conquer the world together:
1. Don’t stress yourself too much about academics.
2. Everything in your life must be balance, don’t focus on ONE goal.

They enlightened my mind that world doesn’t only revolve in academics and the meaning of happiness is more than receiving high grades. It wasn’t our first time to travel together and I know that we still have a lot of places to venture, foods to savor and multifarious things to witness. These people are one of the few friends I adore because of being optimistic and rational. They can still be blissful even we are in the midst of struggles. They can handle the problems with ease and confident.

Padre Pio Shrine, Batangas Philippines
Padre Pio Shrine, Batangas Philippines


A friend who loves to travel is the friend you can always count on.

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Someday, we will travel the whole world with our hands and feet tied together. We will conquer hundreds of mountains to prove that all things are possible if we have unity and camaraderie. Time will let us meet the person who is fated for us. Eventually, you will build your own family and the thousand memories that we have collected during our good old days will never be forgotten. We will share the story to our children and grandchildren how memorable our college days were.  Wherever we are, we will surely reminisce our memories together.

From left to right: Cloie, JB, Zeela and Me!

More travel memories with you peeps! I love you all.



– CJ Sanchez


The whole world hates him,
because he gleams too much,
maybe they misunderstood his kindness
the world thought that it’s just mere pretentiousness.

The sunflower is secretly withered,
maybe it continues to coruscate
like the fireworks in the dark and caliginous sky.

He was submissive and gloomy,
he tried to give his very best
but still,
he’s not appreciated.

His world doesn’t only revolve
to the world of other people,
they are not only the source of his life.
Remember, he’s a sunflower.

without him, the world is too dark and dull.
So please, treasure him while’s still around.