Underneath her Shadow

words by: Christian Jay Sanchez
I hid myself under your shadow
coz I thought, I could find myself there
But under that scathing shadow of yours
There’s a demon hiding and it stops me from growing

We used to be inseparable
What you know,
you must tell me
What I know,
I must tell you

We were fair,
there were no prejudices.
As you walk through the crowd
I kept on hiding under you
I was a coward
I reckoned.

You’ve chained me,
You treated me like a dog
I followed everything you’ve said
I’ve always enthralled by your deceitful smiles.

As I stared at the clear and starless horizon
I saw these palm trees
Waving at me
They could withstand no matter how the wind blows them.

Indeed, truth will always hurt us
but I was thankful because it slapped me
Hurt enough to wake me up
From my awful fantasy
I stand up and break this chain
that connects me from you
I am free,
thank God, I am free

Stairs are sturdy and strong
and the decisions always lie on me
If I fall: I have only two choices
To go back beneath your shadow
Or to start climbing again.

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