A Green Beast of Burden

Words by: CJ Sanchez

Do not walk beside me,
for I could smell your dying soul,
I could smell your rotten mouth,
I could smell your foul stench.
You looked at me with covetousness,
you smiled but I heard… you hissed
from a dead guy’s body,
you metamorphosed into a snake.
Don’t come near me,
My body is igniting
you can’t touch me,
Unless you want to burn yourself.

schmoozing around to get a faultless reputation
You asked if I like you,
I nodded as a sign of faux acquiescent.
You’re as what other people say, a fraud.
Your secrets that I could smell,
Your secrets that you don’t want to tell
Don’t provoke me,
Or else, I’ll reveal every single one of it.

I despised you
I loathe you… even more.

You looked at me with prying eyes,
because I’ve got your heart’s desires.
You were thorned between greed and envy,
you’re not a rose but a cactus.

To forgive
is easy,
to forget
is hard.

Your scathing words won’t break me,
Neither your cronies that armed with knives.
to die with envy,
I will help you to dig your own grave.

photos: ctto




5 thoughts on “A Green Beast of Burden

  1. This was a good read.
    I like the dark imagery and the emotion it gave.
    Keep writing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yaaah! Thank you so much madam. 💓😘


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