Silent Weeps of the Broken Child

Silent weeps of the broken child
who was scared to face the reality
the desire was burning in his heart
he cried all day,
he cried all night.

Life is seems like,
it’s not life at all
he’s waiting for something,
he’s waiting for a call

But there is heaven,
there is also hell
those unsaid thoughts
I cannot even tell.

Why is it full of prejudice?
Why there are always these failures and agonies?
Why life has its end and death?
How about those dreams that I am not able to get?

I look at the mirror; I can’t see the hope and future
Pure sadness, false companions, and heart that will never be cure.
The voices are still living inside him,
How come he’s still alive and breathing?

“Mom, Dad I love you” he whispered silently.
When he’s leaving them gently and carefully,
The last tears that trickled through his eyes
The symbol of love, gratitude, and also goodbyes.

The world will end soon,
The stars will vanish as well as the moon.
the house that used to be full of laughter
All of those things, didn’t matter anymore.

Indeed, we only live once
but this time “once” is not enough,
I hope that there’s always a second chance,
Not to correct my mistake, but to be able to live my life once again.


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