words by: CJ Sanchez.

Listening to the schmaltzy music makes me forlorn,
The doleful face of palm trees I cannot fathom.
They are telling me the world is coming to an end,
I do believe them, I can feel it in my hands.

End is inevitable,
love will vanish,
greed will arouse,
hatred and envy will blind the whole world.

Why we can’t live in peace and tranquility?
It’s not the world who’s cruel,
but us, people.

It’s raining with ashes,
the sky turned gray and dull.
Earth was wincing because of too much oppression
I could feel its dying heart,
and we are the poisons,
we’re killing our own world.

Photo: ctto

Our world’s genre is tragedy,
and we are the characters
It’s either we are all the villains,
but there’s no hero.

Our world is a book,
and we’re on the last chapter,
My role, your role will end here
Everything will end in oblivion.

Once the book is close,
darkness will come forthwith
Millions of memories will fade.
We’ll turn into dust.



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