Wallflower’s Thoughts #01

I am saving myself from myself.

Sounds ironic, every time I close my eyes and savor the deafening silence inside my room, it’s like I’m in the midst of very deep sea. I realized that, you can’t always save yourself, coz even yourself could be your worst enemy anytime, no one in this world is your friend. World is teemed with ironies, and we should know how to love these ironies. Sometimes, it’s not always the people who you should blame, it’s yourself, only yourself.

They betrayed you?
It’s your mistake because you’ve trusted them too much.
They hurt you?
It’s your fault, you love them too much knowing that they are not worthwhile but you still tried.
You see, it’s yourself, it’s always your fault and no one else. You are the only reason of your downfall.

As for me, I’ve experienced a lot of disappointments, like it’s part of my life. Disappointment is my twin and we are inseparable.

Who is to blame?

Myself of course. I expect too much without thinking that they are humans too, that they have their limitations and weaknesses as well.

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