Where’s the “Good” in Goodbye

Believe me,
I’ve been asking myself this question for a very long time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just 18 years old but I started asking myself this ludicrous question when I was in high school.

When someone tries to leave you utterly bereft. When someone hurts you so bad that you can’t even stand up and fight for yourself. When someone taunts you because of your failure. When someone wants to be on your side and pushing themselves to be a part of your life but when they saw your flaws, the idea of leaving you is a good choice for them.

I mean, have you every asked this question yet even yourself can’t find the right and exact answer.

“Where’s the good in goodbye?”

People come and go like as if you were a door. They can come back whenever they want because the key is in their hands. You get what I mean?

When a teacher bade her goodbye to the class, we were all eager and happy because finally the tedious and exhausting lectures were finally done!

Good riddance teacher!

Will you consider this as a GOOD bye?

How about,

when your boyfriend calls you and he wants you to meet him after your class. You were excited, you were very happy, you don’t know the reason, you were just happy. You saw him and a smile flashed across your face. You are about to hug him but you noticed that there’s something wrong in his eyes. He was serious, gloomy, and it seems like his thoughts are bothering him.

Out of nowhere, he said these words “I’m sorry but let’s end this”

You were taken aback, the world stops for a second. You don’t know what to say or what you will react. Is this a joke? You don’t have any idea.


And there’s this word again.

Ironic, they say goodbye and yet they leave you broken, sad, tormented. The word goodbye is not a funny joke. I still can’t find the answer. Give me letter F for failed. But for now, I will pass the same question to you.

“Where’s the good in goodbye?


One thought on “Where’s the “Good” in Goodbye

  1. I had a goodbye that broke my heart, quite literally I assure you, to the depths of its being. I was broken and he ran off with a horrid creature way beneath me. The good was that even though healing took an entire year, I realize I was so busy living him I was not living life anymore and had to rebuild me from ground up. I am living life now. I am blessed to have the good of goodbye and sincerely see it as a gift from God now. I would not have said that during that year but I speak truth saying it now. Chin up, love.❤


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