10:45 PM (Wallflower’s thoughts #2)

I savored the wind
I thought it will help me
to ease my pain
but it poisons my mind.

I was utterly knackered,
I need a good nap
and a good cry,
for this pain is too unbearable.

I was their slave for so long,
a place inside me is ransacked
like my dilapidated heart
too tired to laugh and too tired to rest.

I have only one reason to live,
but I cannot find the value of it
I am a loser,
and I don’t deserve my stairs.

photo: Alexey Wind Photography

Categories poem

1 thought on “10:45 PM (Wallflower’s thoughts #2)

  1. To be without hope is horrifying. God is the hope giver. The Bible is His medium. You are His workmanship. He did good.❤


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