Dear Jake

Oh babe look at those enigmatic smiles,

It melts my heart, it confuses my mind

But sadly, we live in different worlds
other side of me says, I can’t call you mine.

For it is an outlandish joke
to fall in love with someone
who doesn’t know your name,
your existence, even your face.

But what can I do?
I am really enthralled to you,
should I stop or continue?
but my restless heart still wants you.

Pain is the skill that I mastered,
Pain is for me and I am for pain,
You are the sweetest poetry that I wrote
my sweetest downfall and my favorite nightmare.

You’re the moon that I look up to every night.                                                                And I am a firefly in the midst of tall green grass,
who’s hopelessly flying,
but my wings are not enough to reach you
you shine too bright, and it blinds me.


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