Beneath the Turquoise Blanket

Words by: CJ Sanchez

It’s a perfect day isn’t?
the sky is pouring with rain
the cool breeze makes me shiver,
the smell of coffee lingers through my room.

A thick book in my hand,
a turquoise blanket wraps my whole body.
I stop reading for a couple of minutes,
My heart is prancing whenever I think about you.

No it can’t be.
All is just a ludicrous joke
Please realization, slap me with the truth. 

I am aware of it,
You are aware of it,
I snapped myself,
No, these feelings are a huge deception.

Absentmindedly, I find myself
Staring at your picture,
Staring at our picture,
We look undeniably sweet
But sadly, it’s just nothing.

Your heart belongs to someone else,
I belong to no one,
A small amount of hope burgeoned through my heart.
It’s okay, I’m okay.

It’s cold,
I wish, it’s not this blanket who’s hugging me
I hope it was you, I wish you were here,
so I could lean on your shoulder.

We are both reading the same book,
On your left hand,
is your favorite macchiato coffee,
cold feet cuddling beneath in our sheet.

it’s still raining,

we stared at each other,
“the end”
I said.

photo: ctto


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