Train (11:11 PM)

I blabbered, you listened

that smile plastered on your face

was sweet and enticing,

it lightens my gloomy day.


People can’t understand you

they said, you were blinded by love

but what they don’t understand,

Love is what we need.


I was here,

But you were too busy looking somewhere else,

I almost forgot,

That I’m just your occational friend.


There’s something about you

That I can’t describe,

Perhaps, it’s your charm

that lures me.


“It’s for you”

you said discreetly


What is that thing?

Is that your heart?

or another request and favor.


Ah! It was a piece of paper,

you look at me glumly

and when I opened it,

I was taken aback,

“Thank you, but I have to go”

Photo: ctto


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