Drinking Mom’s Coffee

Words by: CJ Sanchez

Pale clouds cover the sun
Making the day hazy and dull,
The wind blows the curtains of my room
I started to open my eyes.

I could smell the alluring scent of coffee
It comes forth with a smile
Morning is always my favorite
It reminds me of my mom.

I sighed heavily,
Avoiding the thoughts who are enticing me
I have to devour my morning breakfast,
It’s filled with mother’s love.

I was besotted,
cannot fathom and cannot decipher
Still indecisive whether I shall fight
Or I shall let myself be stumbled.

I’m a lad,
with careworn mind,
I was looking for love,
but I have already found it.

It’s not the world who will offer you
that precious thing,
it’s not your colleagues
who will look after you.

I was about to sleep again,
startled about the world
Crying and pleading
And waiting for this day to end.

I sipped my mom’s coffee,
and hope sprouted inside me
I could hear her words
Even she’s not around.

People turned me down,
stabbed me with their scathing words
my heart is wounded
time like this,
I should drink mom’s coffee
to have peace and tranquility
that I’ve been longing for so long.

It’s my mom,
Who wiped my tears
who helped me to let go of sorrow and hatred
She didn’t say anything,
instead, she made me a coffee
Luckily, it calms me.

At the end of the day,
There’s still one person
Who’s always rooting for me
It’s my mom,
I could see her smiling face
with a coffee in her hand
It’s for me, only for me.


Photo: ctto


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