Soul-shattering Love

He’s waiting for me,

My heart is thudding,


and hammering.



I must touch him,

I must hug him,

he must feel my eagerness

he must feel my love.


He pours his love

To my empty vessel,

and I pour mine as well.

Love, I’m addicted to it,

It’s a dope.


His name was my favorite word,

I could taste the sweetness

whenever I pronounce it,

Oh, I am head over heels.

He was there,

Waiting for me

But my eyes were blurry

Or it’s just his face.

Birds flew away

As I run hastily,

Like a famished woman.

Oh honey wait for me,

Pray for me not to trip

this path is full of rocks

I might stumble anytime.

But as I run,

You are slowly fading

I was afraid,

No it can’t be.

Tears were flowing,

I cannot breath,

I realized, It’s useless to run

and catch the person

Who’ll never be yours.

My instinct told me

That I should wake up,

Everything’s not real,

It’s not the true love,

It’s not him,

This is not me.

Love might be a dope,

Love might be sweet

But sometimes

it’s soul-shattering too. 

Words by: CJ Sanchez

Dedicated to: Kristhine Joy Lusterio, My bae forever. 💕💓  Hope you like it. 😜😊

Photos: copy to the owner


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