My Father’s Shoes


My father bought his new shoes,
I was smiling as he caress his hands assiduously to it. Like a new born baby,
he must be happy like me.

Oh father, I can’t wait for the day
that you will say these words to me. “I am proud of you”
Because that’s one of my dreams.

I was that child you used to scold. I was stubborn and didn’t listen to you, I was feisty but sweet. Oh, you are sweet too, you don’t want me to cry.

Cry, you said I should not cry in front of people. I should not let them see my weak and vulnerable side. You taught me how to become courageous with a good heart.

Father, I am very thankful to have you in my life. You were there when mom was not around. You were once glad because of my accomplishment in life, and I’ll do everything for you to be glad again.

Papa, if there is one thing that I want to last forever, it’s not my achievement, it’s not my profession. It’s you and mamma. I want you to live forever.

Papa, Mamma, I’m about to get my diploma. It’s your dreams, and I can’t wait to see your smiling faces once again.

But before I go to sleep and bid a good night, my papa whispered to me. He said, it’s now time for me to wear his shoes. Do my responsibilities with perseverance just like what he did, love limitlessly just like his love for my mother, and be strong enough to fight.

These shoes were once his, but now he gave it to me, a symbol of love, gratitude, and an unending responsibilities.


Words by: CJ Sanchez
Photo: ctto


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