Under the Mulberry Tree

Once, I was walking ebulliently 
caressing the grass and whimsical flowers
that surround my favorite mulberry tree,
I was waiting for him… waiting in vain. 

The white leaves were falling
into the desiccated ground
I sat down idly and stared at the wide constellation,
I savored the wind and I was waiting…
waiting in vain.

Where is my honey?
Where are you?
I cannot stay here anymore,
This place is eerie, the sky is blue.

The goddess of moon is here,
waiting for our love story,
My veil is white and flawless like your skin,
Where are you? I’m here waiting, under the mulberry tree.

Oh! Goddess of sun, hear my prayer,
please prolong the night
for I am still waiting for him,
This is now the right time for our fate to collide.

He’s not just my lover,
he’s not just another god,
He’s my Pyramus
and I’m his Thisbe.

For no one could break
the chain of our fate,
Under this mulberry tree
I must wait for him.

Words by: Christian Jay Sanchez.
Photo: copy to the owner



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