Pilferer of Fleeting Memories 

I was elated,

My body ignites as this world breathes

when my thoughts exploded,

It disperses into the mammoth sky.

I hold this little lightning that keeps my memoir,

It holds my past, the people that I treasured,

It holds me, 

these keepsakes gave a smidgen of bliss and sadness.


Stepping my bare feet

into the world of innocent people

While scribbling into my journal

and describing succinctly the spectacular sightseeing.

For every happiness is ephemeral,
Keepsakes hold zillions of my memories.

You might wonder why I over rejoiced,

my happiness is too shallow,

Though I am fragile

I appreciate everything.


Keepsakes are my treasures,

It’s my time machine

I’m a keeper,

and a pilferer of the fleeting memories.

Words by: CJ Sanchez

Photos: ctto


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  1. Your words are striking through my very heart, you are truly a warm person 🙂 , you’re worth keeping.


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