Homage to the Unappreciated 

My words were almost inaudible.

Can’t you see? I’m trying to impress you.

But only the wind could see my potentials,

Only the stars saw my efforts

And only the trees appreciates my existence.

I watched gleefully the lights

Blinking too fast 

Changing its colors

and scintillating in the midst of the obscure and droopy place.

My eyes were filled 

with remorse,

and I silently ensconced myself

to my new home called safe zone.
I hide myself here,

Until I can no longer feel my heartbeat

Until I can no longer see the reflection of myself,

I am a dork, no one appreciates me.

Words by: CJ Sanchez

Photos: copy to the owner.

9 thoughts on “Homage to the Unappreciated 

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  1. I always appreciate you, I am a person whose always been looking up to you ever since. Do not ever think you’re unappreciated, because you are very well appreciated. Your talents, skills and personality and everything that makes you the person who you are, we appreciate every single details of yourself.


    1. Your words are indeed heartwarming 😭 you don’t know how touch I am rn. I’m glad to hear these words from one of the friends that I treasured the most. You’re always in a good timing, you never failed to make me realize that I am worthy enough to keep. 😭😭💓

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  2. Profoundly eloquent simplicity that lulls one gently to reach out to console until we get to that rude awakening of self deprecation, depending on one’s sense of self. Excellent poem, peeking through the shadows of poetic talent!


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