Summer Sky

The bluish sky is teemed 

With white cotton clouds,

the chirping of the birds 

the swaying of the trees 

are my favorite songs.

I still remember the days

when your arms were like knots

On my waist,

I could feel your strong muscle,

“I love you” you whispered.


I also remember that summer,

when you told me that I was pretty

wearing the summer hat and

you kept on staring at me,

I won’t forget that genuine smile,

you were my dream you know?

It was also that summer,

when you sipped my grapefruit mocktail,

We both loved the serene and cozy room,

I rested in your arms,

and that was the last time

I kissed your soft lips.

That summer,

When I woke up

You’re already gone,

and I was your last victim.

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