He was scratching his back,
the sun’s gleaming light
makes his chestnut hair glows

I used to caress it.
and I seriously love the smell
Of his hair,
Of his morning scent,
He looks resplendent in his blue stripes polo.

His camera slung around his neck,
He was talking to someone
he was smiling at his confreres
Oh! I could picture this spectacular view.

He was oblivious,
as I stared at him,
his eyes met mine,
and he smiled at me too.

He positioned his camera,
and beckons his hand at me and mouthed the word “smile”
everything about him is perfect,
though standoffish.

That guy who was holding his camera,
is a pilferer,
He does not only captured my smile,
but apparently, my heart as well. 

Photo: ctto

Words by: CJ Sanchez

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