A Bereft Lover

I was lost
in the world that I carry
inside me,
and I’m just beginning to discover it.

I found you,
but I lost myself,
I’ve fixed your heart
but I broke mine.

a bereft lover


I could still remember vividly,
we were holding each other’s hands
while our feet submerged into the snow
we stared at each other intently.

blue scarf slung on my neck
and you touched the brim of your hat,
the chilly breeze of december
dried out my tears.


And you… you were holding back your tears
you covered your true emotions with your smile,
I said, I was fine
I’ve mastered the skill of pain.

You told me you will come back
to kiss me once again,
but my hope has already vanished
you’re a liar, I know you won’t.

I was lost,
I was lost in the process of our love
I was lost in everything
and I can’t even find myself again.


Words by: CJ Sanchez
Featured photo: Ms. Denlyn Joy Halili


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