It isn’t Nice to Meet You

Staring blankly at the white ceiling of my room,

Listening to the ticking of the clock

Wondering if this is the right time

To close my eyes,

And fall asleep,


People don’t know that I’ve been shrouded

With these black clouds,

with these eerie and terrifying voices inside my head,

I hope someone could hear them as well,

Not only me,

So they will know how hard to fight them… every single day

Your worst enemy,

Is not your friends

Nor your family

It’s what inside you,

Inside your head,

The creatures who are enticing you.

Staring blankly at the ceiling,

Thinking if this is the day

That I should end everything,

Goodbye world… Goodnight

It isn’t nice to meet you: I should go to sleep.

Photos: copy to the owner


6 thoughts on “It isn’t Nice to Meet You

  1. to fight your inner thoughts is to be strong in every way. We always have to be strong to fight the thoughts lurking in our mind. But whatever thoughts are residing in our mind, you should always think that ” I am strong and I’ve got the best company(friends) to reside on “

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      1. I volunteer it gives me worth as a person. It makes me feel like I’m needed in this world. It also reminds me how lucky I am.
        I also keep busy . That way I don’t have time for the voices in my head. Take care.

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