The lad with doleful visage 

was riding inside the horseless carriage

I could see through his eyes the unfathomable void

he was engrossed creating his own world.

In his face plastered a turgid smile

when he caught my glimpse

for my instincts whispered discretely 

when I saw him,

I saw the death of me.

A strange feeling aroused inside me,

I was flummoxed 

On how this wind tries to blow me away

from that sepulchral place.

The debris of my yesterday’s memory

scattered like a galaxy on my head,

A sudden nostalgic sprouted lusciously

like an unnamed flower in the midst of dark and eerie forest.

For I must wake myself from this awful imagination,

It’s not a dream, 

It’s not a fantasy 

but a dreadful nightmare.

The lad that I met was no prince,

he was wearing all black with enigmatic posture 

When I heard his voice, 

I savored his poison, slick through his tongue.

He was no prince but a hoodwinker.

Words by: CJ Sanchez

Photography: ©opy to the owner


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