Wistful Thinker

I tried to ask myself in front of the mirror,
What is seriously wrong with you?
Are you really that dumb or dork?
Why people can’t notice that you are worthy enough to keep?

I muttered morosely,
Truly, I cannot live without people in my life
But sometimes, I couldn’t take the pressure and the truth
that one of them could be the reasons of my downfall.

My heart is filled with jejune and tedious words,
I almost vomit whenever I read my masterpieces,
A piece of trash, a piece of dirt
An outlandish poems, words with jinx.

I was a sorcerer,
I’ve mixed it with deadly poison
don’t fool yourself, don’t be too enthralled or awestruck
my words can deceive you
I’m silently a schmuck.

You know what I am thinking right now?
It’s you, as usual you.
Your name was running with my thoughts and it’s 3:40 AM.
You don’t have any idea how much I wanted to hug you,
and tell everything about the world, about me, about my unsaid feelings.

I was too hopeless,
these feelings are discretely destroying me
thoughts haunt me,
your face, your ecstatic visage
your masculinity, your boldness
your seductive eyes, your alluring voice
your messy chestnut hair
your resplendent looks
coruscated in my mind like fireworks.

Every thing that I imagined
Are the paradoxes of reality
It will not happen exactly the way I wanted to,
they happened inside my head
but in real world, they will never.

This tells how hopeless and tormented I am,
the way I speak to the moon
hoping that it could give me an answer,
a succinct answer,
coz I’ve been lost in the world of insurmountable questions,
full of mammoth question marks and exclamations,
I thought he was the answer
but he was actually just a period.


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