To My Superman Who Flew Away From Me

Dedicated to: Hannah Rachel Amarillo

My heart was too weary and wounded
but Did you hear any protest from me?
you were once glad because you finally wrote a poem
I was expecting that it’s for me,
but you said it was not,
Did you hear any complaints from me?


I was discretely crying every night
I was sad and besotted
but you were too naive to notice it,
you were busy writing a poem for someone,
and I was here in melancholic and doleful solitude
waiting for your triumphant return.

You were once my dream,
Your name was once curved in my heart
it was my favorite word
my favorite sound.

The wind dried out my tears,
I was staring at the massive night sky
the stars were like pearls
my eyeglasses were too misty,
I wish you were here tonight,
I’ve been secretly afflicted
and I need your words to comfort me
and say you really are for me.

I was staring at the massive night sky
I was waiting… waiting for my superman
who flew away from me
hoping that he’ll hug me once again
hoping that he’ll write a poem for me as well.

Even my restless heart is willing to wait
and I’m ready to take a risk for everything,
just to proved my undying love,
wishes, they said they were fishes that even a beggar would eat,
and wishes are the only things that my hand is holding onto right now.

Words by: CJ Sanchez


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