Loving you is like a star in the sky
I can’t reach coz you’re so high
feeling always hopeless
to love you I can say… is worthless

My eyes are still looking at you
coz this is all I can do
they say I’m so pathetic
for wasting my time to idiotic

They can’t accuse me for being like this
this is my life and I can do whatever it is
so I don’t care to what they say
because I can love in my own way

My mind say “It’s enough,
You are only hurting yourself
find another guy
the one who can love you
the one who knows you existence
stop being a fool”

but my heart says “Don’t give up,
everything is possible if you just persist
everything can happen
just don’t lose your hope
in a blink of your eye,
one day he will be on your side”

I don’t know if I am going to stop
I don’t know if I am going to continue
even my friends says find another one
but I can’t coz for me,
he is the only one

And now I’m here by my window
staring at the night sky
and wishing I can fly
to go where you are
to see what you are doing now

I turned my attention to the one star
it’s happy when you looking at
shining brightly and twinkling
for me, that star reminds me of you
like a star you are shining
like a star you are so far
and even they said stop loving you
I can’t and I keep on reaching you.

As I rummaged my files, I accidentally saw this poem, I wrote this back then when I was first year college. Probably, that was the first time I wrote a rhymed-poem and this is so corny. Lol


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