Sweetest Downfall

I was once dead,
Cannot even see the coruscating light of life
I ensconced myself in my doleful and obscure solitude
Where no one can find me, no one… but myself.

True beauty was hidden, unlocked and neglected,
I was withering and discretely yelping
My careworn heart was silently thudding,
my restless mind was teeming with intrusive thoughts.

I was tormented,
and secretly afflicted
by these eerie ventriloquists inside my head
the reasons behind my downfall.

I used to stand sternly
Everybody used to know me,
but in just one blink,
I was forthwithly destroyed.

Here I am, trying to be resilient,
Slowly regaining what once mine,
trying to rekindle what once was,
trying to save myself from myself,

for it’s been a tough battle
Between my heart and my mind,
there was no hand to hold, no ears to listen,
but I shall rise… I shall rise again.
words by: CJ Sanchez
photo: ctto


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