Lie To Me Again


I looked at him, he was too engrossed to his cellphone, like he doesn’t know that I am here beside him. I frowned, I snatched his iphone and he yelled at me
“What the hell Ernie! Give me back my phone”

He was furious. He never yelled at me before, he used to be calm and timid. He used to rest his chin on my shoulder, he used to wrap his arms around my waist, he used to kiss my earlobe. He changes a lot. I don’t even know him anymore.

“who the hell are you texting with?” I said sternly. He tried to snatch back his phone but he failed.

“Ernie, I am warning you. Give me back my phone now. It’s urgent”

“wow! It’s urgent? An urgent message as far as I know doesn’t have any kissing emoticon and who the hell is Lara?” I said sarcastically and he looked away from me.

He was fidgeting. I knew him too well. We’ve been together for 5 years. I know every single part of his body.

“now tell me, who is this rubbish?”

“she’s… She’s just my friend Ernie you don’t have to be jealous” he gestures his hand to assure that he was saying the truth.

“Just friends?” I tried to fake a laugh and ensconced his phone back to him rebelliously.

I stared at him again. This time, I am controlling myself not to cry. I think he’s not worthy anymore for my tears.

“You are lying to me again right?”
I said with my calm voice. No, I must not scold him. It’s pointless.


I looked away, but I could see in my peripheral view that he sighed and fished his phone inside the pocket of his jacket.

“look, if you don’t want to believe me—”

“are you lying to me again, right Kobe?…

Don’t defend yourself, I know you do”

I’m on the verge of tears and still not looking to him.

The silence between us is very uncomfortable. He did not answer my question, and my instinct never failed me again.

“Lie to me again”

“what?” he asked.

“I said, lie to me again”

“FINE! I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ERNIE AND I WON’T LEAVE YOU. That’s the lie you want to hear right?”

There was a silence again.


“I never loved you you know? and I will never ever love you” I said and he was taken aback.

I smiled ruefully and wiped the tears from my eyes. I promised, I won’t cry for him anymore.

“well, that’s a lie too” I said and finally walked away from him. When I glanced at him for the last time. I’ve realized that lie is my favorite irony.

words by: CJ Sanchez

photo: ctto


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