Paradox Of Love (v2)

I didn’t know how strong your love was,
Until I savored it,
It was so strong,
strong enough to make me weak.

Love is a dope that I couldn’t take
You used to be my dream
but it turns out,
You were just an awful nightmare.

It was so sweet to be loved by you,
but so dangerous whenever I ignore you
Your love was not love,
It was like chain and cage.

I longed for your love
like a famished woman,
but now I regret everything
if only I knew that your love could kill me,
I’ll choose to bury myself here.

I must wake myself from your pit,
for I’ve been lying there for so long
I should free myself and try to rekindle my dilapidated heart,
I should stand… Oh, I should stand.



Words by: CJ Sanchez

v.2 of my Paradox of Love

photo: ctto


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