Just like me, ‬
‪she’s been through a lot,‬
‪but she knows how to rise‬
‪Now, she’s a warrior,‬
‪She saved me,‬
‪She saved me from my doubts.‬


‪She also used to doubt herself,‬
‪I envied her confidence‬
‪Her eloquence,‬
‪her beauty and brilliance,‬
‪I wish, I had those traits‬
‪but she said, you do have these, coz I believe in you.‬


‪She saved me that night‬
‪when I almost drown myself‬
‪from depression,‬
‪she believes in me,‬
‪she always will,‬
‪I adore her so much.‬


‪She’s my umbrella,‬
‪she covered me when my melancholic thoughts ‬
‪were pouring obstreperously,
‪she’s my close friend,
‪she is God’s gift to everyone‬
‪she deserves our love.‬


words by: CJ Sanchez

dedicated to: Laiza Tuzon Anca, a friend of mine who has a very special place here in my heart. I hope you’ll appreciate this simple poem, it’s to show my gratitude and love for our friendship. I love you❤️


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