Walking Travesty

I don’t have to look for failures
By looking at my reflection
I could find where it is,
I don’t have to seek for irony
my life is already an irony.

I’m a walking travesty.

My favorite word is not hope
but rather “loath”
My life is an abstract
It’s too hard to decipher
too dark to be seen,
too messed to clean.

Perhaps, hopes are not true
happiness is just a fictive word for me,
would you believe me if I’ll tell you,
that I buried my old self for century?

I’ve been longing to breathe,
Longing to fly,
Longing to be free,
Longing for something,
something I didn’t know.

words by: CJ Sanchez


2 thoughts on “Walking Travesty

  1. I bet you’re young….
    Don’t give up , go on walking and you’ll see things changing………


  2. 😢 Please don’t believe the lie that hope is gone. Hope is still in plain view and may be found one word at a time in the Bible. I just prayed for you. ❤


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