She heard your scathing words
your cronies stabbed her with judgments,
you mocked her,
you laughed at her failures,
you belittled her,
you questioned everything even her existence.

She might be a timid girl
but she can kill you with her silence,
that’s her weapon,
not words,
not frowns,
but her silence.

She was just a girl,
Indeed, just a girl
Just sitting in the corner of solitude
listening to your loudmouthed and tactlessness.
she pitied you.

Karma is her friend,
and she’s waiting for the day
that karma itself
will be the one who will throw
the knives to your mouth,
and when the day comes,
she won’t say anything.

Instead, she’ll walk away and say it once again,
“Well done Karma”
Words by: CJ Sanchez
Photo: Copy to the owner


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