Completely Out of My League

His masculinity
His lips,
His dark brown hair,
His arms on my waist.

His fiery breath,
His nose,
His eyes that are close,
Everything about him is enthralling.

He was sleeping so peacefully,
but my mind was full of agony
he’s not mine, he belongs to no one
destiny gave him to me for a while.

He never said that he loves me,
but I could feel it through his actions,
Perhaps, he doesn’t know
the power of words.


I caress his hair,
Please, stay
Please, don’t leave
Please, don’t break my weary heart

He’s with me
But he’s completely out of my league
Maybe because his love for me is like my happiness,
It’s ephemeral and won’t last forever.



Words by: CJ Sanchez

Photo: Ctto


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