Someone’s controlling my mind
no, I can’t describe him
the only thing I knew was,
he terrifies me.

My mouth has its own mind
it speaks every time it wants,
I can’t control my mind,
I can’t control myself.


In the darkness where I found my solitude
there were incantations,
I wasn’t dreaming, 
I wasn’t dreaming.

I am a dangerous creature
wearing an amicable face
maybe my eyes were too alluring
maybe my voice was too enticing,

you may not know,
in my mind,
you could see your lifeless body,
cause’ I murdered you already.


I can’t tell this to people,
they won’t believe me
this is the time that I’ve realized
aside from being hopeless and afflicted.

I am born to be alone.

Now, are you still ready to love
a secretly depressed like me?
you could walk away and avoid me for your entire life,
because I know, I’m a hideous beast.



Words by: CJ Sanchez

photos: ctto


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