Uncanny thoughts are whirling inside my head,
They made me awake,
I can’t sleep,
Even I wanted to.

I won’t reveal that I am sad
or depressed
For who might believe me?
I smile and laugh everyday.

You want the truth right?
but you can’t bear it.
If I told you that I am an unhappy person,
Don’t judge me and say I am just overreacting.
You don’t have any idea
How hard it is to live
when something inside you
thwarts everything you do.

I have to expect for the worst
because I always get the worst
You don’t believe me?
Decipher my eyes and tell me what you see.

I guess, the word you’ll say is misery.

It feels like as if you were in a cage,
and you are the prisoner imprisoned within yourself,
There’s no way you can’t escape the sadness
even if you walk into the light, you’ll only see is the total darkness.


Words by: CJ Sanchez


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