DECEMBER MEMOIRS: The Last Time He Waved At Me

I loved how the cold breeze makes my face pale white; I loved how it blows my chestnut brown hair; I loved how the lights dangle and scintillate like stars every doleful night, it gives me a nostalgic feeling. I could hear the boisterous laughter of my colleagues downstairs. It was Christmas, the snow was drifting obstreperously.

I was wearing my gray jacket and yours was maroon. My hair was messy, yours was perfectly combed. I loved your smell, it was very masculine, I loved that you shaved your beards; I loved everything about you but sadly, I was too coward to tell my feelings. In my dreams, you were mine but in reality, you were her’s. Maybe I should hide these feelings just like what I usually do and pretend that I was fine, that I was happy. No matter what efforts I will make just for you to notice me, you won’t and you will never. Your heart belongs to its owner and it was her.

It’s Saturday morning of December, you are wearing blue t-shirt and mine is gray. Blue and Gray will never collide its paths, why? because they are perfectly different. They might be the same, they might have both one goal, but they are not meant for each other. Gray will always keep Blue’s name in her heart until the day they part their ways.

Before I leave, you waved at me and smiled. I love that enthralling smile of yours, as if nothing drastic happened between us. We used to hate each other silently but that simple wave means a lot to me.

“Merry Christmas!” I said and waved back at you.

“Merry Christmas, Take care”

and then you are gone.


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