An Open Letter To My Future Soulmate

Where are you? I’ve been standing here and watching the gloomy night sky. I was waiting for your arrival. Perhaps, you still don’t know which path you would take for us to collide and meet. Where are you? I’m dying to see what you look like? Every night, I’m thinking how it feels to sleep beside you and be wrapped with those arms and hips. I wonder what it also feels to be kissed with those soft pink lips. Where are you? The night is melancholic and forlorn. Half of my heart is longing to be with you.

Oh dear future soulmate, walk faster but be not tripped. I hope you are not in the hands of other girl, I hope you are as eager as I am who’s searching for the pair of her heart.

I could envision you in my mind. You’re tall, you’re flawless, your smile could lighten my day, you’re simple but you have an attractive physique.

Come and save me from my doubts. Come and save me from loneliness. Come and be my groom who holds my hand forever.
For you are mine and I am yours to keep.



photo: copy to the owner


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