She Loves the Idea of You

She loves the idea of you
Wrapping your strong arms around her waist
kissing her with your soft red lips
and resting your chin on her shoulder.

She loves the idea of you
Wearing a plain black T-shirt
Hugging her behind her back and whispering to her ears.
It makes her shiver
Your fresh and humid breath,
The idea of you drives her crazy
She’s obsessed.

She loves the idea of you
Crying and pleading at her
because you were afraid that she will leave you
But it’s you who might leave
It’s always you who matter
And she was hoping that she matters too.

She loves everything about you
She learned to accept your flaws
She was strong and feisty
But the idea of you leaving her
It makes her world fall into pieces
She can’t imagine it.

Love makes her crazy
Love makes her weak
But is it love?
Or it’s just you.

You were just the guy
She’d met in her dreams
You were wearing black
Honey, you were a grim

As she walked through the path of darkness
She was holding your hand
But sadly,
She fell to your pit.

Words by: CJ Sanchez
photos: ctto


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