An Open Letter To My Soul-Sisters

“There’s no denying that ours is the best friendship of all”



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There’s one truth in this world and that is; I am not your perfect friend. There were times that I blamed you, I rolled my eyes instead of giving my hand to lift you guys up. There were times that I closed my eyes and pretend that you were all okay when I could actually feel that you were not. I pretend that I was deaf for the ludicrous reason that I hate dramas. It’s unfair, I know, and I am too selfish, but you guys never turn your back on me, you never close your eyes, you never pretend to be deaf or too busy.

Thank you for believing that I can. Through your words, I can now stand sturdily on my own.


Half of the world is my friend but I want you to know that my favorite memories are those moments that I am with my two soul sisters, whenever I am with both of you. We shared thousands of memories, we’ve witnessed each other’s weaknesses, vulnerability and secrets. Yet, we still love each other limitlessly and wholeheartedly.



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Time will never change our relationship. I might be too harsh both in my actions and words, but deep inside, you never know how thankful I am to have this friendship. There are millions of reasons why we’ve met, why we’ve collided. You didn’t know how many times you saved me through the clouds of depressions and anxiety. You guys are one of the best things that happened to me. I won’t forget you even on my very last breath. I truly appreciate you my two angels. I admit that I am too timid to say this, but I love you. Though we still have 1 year left before we part our ways and embark to our own journey, I pray that we’ll succeed together in our profession.

I can feel that the world secretly hates me but I don’t care, I’ve always got my two soul-sisters on my back who truly appreciate me.



Dedicated to: Jolly Anne Matre & Kristhine Joy Lusterio


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter To My Soul-Sisters

    1. I will never regret writing this for them. It’s funny that I’ve got a lot of friends but they are the only ones whom I can count on. Anyway, thank you so much madam your comment means to me a lot. ☺️♥️♥️💋

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