Future Self

Keep on your mind that you have to work for yourself alone,  because whether you like it or not, in the mere future, you will be alone. You are born to be alone and that’s your fate. You are destined to be sad.


But you know what? You are strong.

It’s you who’s truly strong, it’s not the colleague whom you look up to because she doesn’t cry, it’s you.


You  are strong enough to accept that your life is not perfect. You are strong enough to accept that you are all alone as you venture through the path of darkness in the world
with only one candle in your hand. You are strong enough to accept that people will leave you no matter how close you are to them.

All people, all friendship, all relationship are temporary and ephemeral.

You will conquer the world alone, you will die alone without anyone weeping on you. It’s okay right? You’ve already reconciled that you will be okay. Maybe it’s hard for them to decipher you but you don’t need them to understand you. Only you can understand yourself, only you can see what your flaws are.


And wherever the wind takes you, please stand sturdily and ardently.

You just need to breathe and wait for your last breath. For now, that’s the only compliment that I could bestow to you: you are strong to accept everything in your life.

and please, fight, even you already mastered the pain of not being loved.

Your Present Self



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