Victim of Hate

When your word
Doesn’t inspire me,
Full of loath, full of envy.
A toxic man wearing an amicable face.

You were once a star
I used to bestow
With my favorite words,
Of course, you used to be my favorite person.

Truly, scathing words
can leave a permanent mark
on my heart, on my soul.
You were the guy I knew who had no conscience.

I shall leave you with your ludicrous illusion;
I must not show my gratitude.
What did I do to you?
Why do you loath me this much?

You are the death of all good things;
You thwarted my path
Luckily, I was not tripped.
Soon when I leave, you will be nothing but a dust of my drastic past.

I cannot wait to say goodbye
Though in the first place, we never say “hi”
the wounds you have planted inside me
will be your burden forever…

Photo ©️: Gabriel Isak


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