A Poem for His Sad Soul

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Words by: CJ Sanchez

‪I know.‬
‪You will find the love ‬
‪You’ve been seeking.‬
‪You will find the home‬
‪You’ve been longing.‬
‪You will find the right one‬
‪You’ve been praying.‬
‪Only if you will not be tired‬
‪Of waiting. ‬

‪Cause right things‬
‪always come unexpectedly.‬
‪It will knock on your door‬
‪while you are resting idly.‬
‪Be strong. Always.‬
‪Those dark brown eyes‬
‪that hide loads of secrets.‬
‪That soul who’s been afflicted.
That soul who survived many times in the battle‬,
‪will find a right place to dwell.‬

‪I want to whisper this‬
‪Before we part our ways.‬
‪I believe in you,‬
‪and I always will.‬




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