A Message for Those People Who Secretly Hate Me

I have an odd fashion taste. I love doing strange poses. I have my own unique writing style. I love reading books. I love being unique and creative. Everyone can be creative, I know. Everyone has their talent waiting to be unleashed. Some of my friends find me too cocky, though they aren’t telling frankly but I can read it based on their plain, uninterested, pretentious, and frowning faces. Some of them appreciates me. I’m not trying to impress everyone. The way I wear my clothes, the way I pose when the camera is on me are just the product of my creativity and oddness. I write poems because that’s the only thing I know I can express myself freely. I read books to somehow avoid my anxiety, overthinking, and my suicidal thoughts. I didn’t know that even to the things I love, people will judge me.


The truth is, I no longer care about what other people think about me.
We have to accept that, this world is full of narrowminded people and order to survive? You have to deal with them instead of hating them too. Some people will hate you for no reason. You don’t have to compete just to prove yourself to those naysayers you really can because that would be pointless. People will say bad things about you no matter how good you think you are. I’ve been judged because they think I was arrogant, conceited, narcissistic, assuming and imperious.

They don’t like me because I have an odd fashion sense. They don’t like me because I have a weird taste of books and movies. They hate me because I can do those things that ordinary people can’t. I let them hate me. Perhaps, the reason why they hate me was because I am extraordinary. I’m not doing things for recognition or praise. I do it because I love it and because it is my happiness. I wasn’t showcasing my capabilities for praise and compliments.

I just have to think that maybe God has a reason why he let me live with these toxic people. Maybe he’s preparing me for something big challenges to come in the mere future. Maybe he wants me to become courageous. Maybe those words that they’ve thrown at me will make me stronger than before.

So, for those people who hate me. No matter how painful your words are, you won’t break my soul. I’m resilient and there’s no way you can bring me down again. One more thing, hate is a chronic illness. I hope you’ll get better soon.


11 thoughts on “A Message for Those People Who Secretly Hate Me

  1. Your awareness of how unique you are, is your biggest power! May you find absolute strength and ease to be yourself continually.

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  2. Let us never let them break our soul. Let’s be cynical in this world full of judgemental eyes. You may not feel it but I’m always here for you, bud 🙂 always and forever will.

    – Your bosom chum

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    1. One disadvantage of writing your manuscript on your notepad is that you are too lazy to proofread everything. Lol. I have to change some words and replace it with not-so-harsh-word for them to not misunderstand this blog. Hahahah! Thanks btw. I know you’re always one call away! I’m always grateful for that. Enjoy your vacation! See you next school year bosom chum. ☺️♥️

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  3. I’m glad you really don’t care about haters. As you keep to that, you will remain strong. Haters are always meant to exist. Make sure you live, love and laugh always.

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    1. Your words touch me. Thank you so much ma’am. I was too conscious about what other people might say about me. I was afraid that they’ll not like me if I say this or if I do that. I’m tired of dealing with toxic people. I’m tired of pleasing them. So, I don’t care anymore. I want to unburden myself.


      1. Thank God. It’s a good decision. Be happy.

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      2. I surely will. Thank you so much ma’am. God bless you! Keep writing 😊


  4. Notice:

    This blog is for those people are silently loathing me. I wasn’t pertaining to one person himself/herself. If you think you are triggered, it’s not my fault. 💋


  5. Maybe they hate God and you’re the easiest way to reach him.

    If a person created a painting and put it on display and people came by and spoke horrible things about it with the painter standing next to it, I think the hate would be focused at the painter since the painting can’t change itself.

    I would also note that the love and passion, from the painter, is focused on the painting and not those who hate it.

    Just a thought.


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