Plaster Saint

The moon has witnessed my dark secrets.
It stops lurking every night.
The dark prison where I ensconced myself
becomes more murkier and darker.
What if the moon revealed my secrets?
Everyone must be terrified.
for they are not expecting
that a guy like me,
can drive his car on the muddy road
I am undeniably a plaster saint.
But everyone has a secret to keep,
truer words shall never be revealed
Who says truth will set us free?
if it always taunts you whenever you close your eyes?
Last night, I heard his voice
he sounds like a ventriloquist.
I saw his atrocious visage
I can describe him to you
but he stole my words.
If I will draw him on my paper
smeared with my blood,
it must be an angelic face
with an invisible horns.
He speaks different language.
I must be terrified for it was a curse
but I was not.
I did something morally abhorrent,
it was my karma, my consequences.
And I have to face it tomorrow
Only if I will wake up.

Words by: CJ Sanchez
Photo: Copy to the owner


One thought on “Plaster Saint

  1. Absolutely devastating ❤
    This poem was beautifully written…
    The last line, "Only if I will wake up." sent shivers running down my spine.
    A perfect ending to a perfect piece.


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