The Truth About Hate & Forgiveness

We are surrounded by diverse people in our lives. No matter how hard we tried to avoid some of them, we still find ourselves apparently, inside their cabin. It must be hard for us to deny the truth, but we know somehow that these people, no matter how toxic they are. They still imparted a lesson for us. They are the reasons why we can forgive. They are the reasons why we can take the risk just to prove them wrong and that they are barking on the wrong trees.

We may not exactly know why these people hate us but surely we know the truth that we did not hurt their feelings. Or maybe we did, maybe we were too naive and we did not notice we are hurting them. But it is so crystal clear; it is not our intention to hurt them.

Indeed, it’s not always easy to forgive someone who shattered our heart. But, if we want a peace of mind then we should always choose to forgive.

Countless times I wished that I can restart everything. Countless times I prayed to leave my old world. Countless times I tried to run away from my people but I can’t because it’s not God’s will. I even asked him once:

“God, why did you let this man hurt me?”

Then suddenly, the face of my friend flashed inside my mind. I remember, I hurt someone as well. I ruined his life. I became toxic in his life too. Maybe, he even asked God why he let me ruined him.

I hope someday he’ll find a way to forgive me. How? I didn’t even ask for forgiveness? I am not trying to compare our situations, but the man who hurt me? He didn’t ask for forgiveness yet I already forgave him. Of course, I’ll still try reconcile with him to save our friendships.

We are not gonna stay on this earth forever. Just like what they say, hating someone is an exhausting way to spend your day.


3 thoughts on “The Truth About Hate & Forgiveness

  1. Very well written, with wisdom and honesty. I always say that our time on this earth is too short to be wasted in bitterness and anger…Forgiveness is the key to our inner freedom. Thank you for writing the way you do…Be blessed!

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