I’m Tired of…

I’m tired of being unhappy
I’m tired of dealing with my anxieties
I’m tired of being a coward
I’m tired of being depressed
I’m tired of being sick
I’m tired of being hopeless
I’m tired of dreaming
I’m tired of blaming myself
I’m tired of crying
I’m tired of doubting myself
I’m tired of being the slave of my sin
I’m tired of reminiscing my painful past
I’m tired of dealing with these ominous creatures inside my head
I’m tired of being with toxic people
I’m tired of befriending my enemies
I’m tired of pleasing people
I’m tired of aiming
I’m tired of whining
I’m tired of over-thinking
I’m tired of reconciling
I’m tired of proving
I’m of everything
Most of all
I’m tired of failing God all over again.
I’m tired of accusing him why these things happening to me when in fact these are all my choice.
I’m tired. Exhausted. Ashamed of myself. I wish I could restart everything.


1 thought on “I’m Tired of…

  1. And you can restart your whole new life and do not look back but forward. I am here for you.


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