This is the first poem I’ve published here in my blog. I can’t believe it’s been a year.

Christian Jay Sanchez

Words by: Christian Jay Sanchez

I was lying on my ransacked bed
I can hear the sound of the creepy bell
of an old, obsolete and haunted church
It gives chill through my whole body

The cold and melancholic wind
was trying to seep through the windows
Of my frigid, lifeless and sterile room
The whole universe was overpowered by darkness

I thought it was just a cinch
To be free with the voices who are singing
Inside your head
like, there was a ventriloquist living inside it.

And I was their slave
I don’t know how to fight
It’s hard..
It’s hard to fight when your enemy is yourself

Every night, when the wind traipses the corner of my room
There’s an incantation that I hear
I want to be free
But they are living inside me

Am I insane?
Asking myself in front of the mirror,
I can…

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The Wind

Every time I open my eyes
something is missing,
A piece of puzzle?
or a puzzle itself.

I cannot fathom which is which
my head is swarming
with uncertainties
and so does my future.

I am embarking through the pathless road,
the grasses are greener
but I have no where to go,
I was completely blind…

As I glimpsed one last time,
Everything is fading,
Something is missing,
I was silently yearning.

I am the wind,
I am meant not to be seen;
I have no directions;
I have no future.

The Old Silent

rambunctious thoughts and shallow breathing
Staring blankly at the white-painted ceiling
mix emotions, restless mind, and eyes tired of crying
ominous creatures, eerie voices, keep him taunting.

It’s hard to live your life if you are fraught with regret
other parts of your body breathes but your soul wants a reset
things that we are praying for, sometimes, we can’t easily get
we ought to ask the time but still the answer is resounding, not yet.

We only realize our mistakes once we are facing our consequences
fate will play with you when the time you are completely clueless
if your life is safe and sound, trust me, there is a silent mess.
do not be complacent, life can be a puzzle, you may never guess.

Never tell a person to get out of their comfort zone
what he needs is not gloat but rather an expansion.
anxieties are your visitors don’t let them stay
own yourself. own your life. Don’t let yourself pay.

Words by: Christian Jay L. Sanchez
twitter: @sircasticcc
instagram: @swishhhandflick


If your love dies
If there are no more blue skies
If your skin withered
If happiness cascaded
Before you miss me
open your eyes,
discern the reality
Before the world ends
I only have favors to ask
Bury me while I am sleeping,
bury me while I am breathing,
Bury me while I am crying.
I’ve experienced death before
and Death doesn’t terrify me.


Heart Not For Sale

Puissant voices
was devouring my soul.
I cannot breathe;
I cannot escape.

My fragile hands were frail
yet I can still hold the flame.
You want to see the truth
but you always cover your eyes.

You’ve told me
you loved every piece of me
but you chose
to believe the worst part of me.

caged by my worst downfall
I cannot free myself
it wasn’t love;
it was me to blame.

Hearts are the strongest thing
it rekindles once it is shattered;
it beats even it is wounded;
It loves again even it’s restless.

But for the next chapters
We would collide again,
the heart that once opened
is no longer for sale.