Strangers On The Same Lane

He was just a stranger—-
and he managed to seize my heart
By his enticing smiles
By his wit
By his alluring charm.
But I promise myself not to fall
For I am not his responsibility to catch;
Because we were just strangers—
we walked on the same lane
yet our hearts will never collide
not forever
not even once…

I Used To Love Darkness

I used to love the darkness;
I used to love its serenity and placidity
I, for no reason try to live with it
but the more I stay there, the more they become unbearable.

I used to love the darkness
I used to love its calmness
Until I hear the eerie voices;
voices only I can hear.

I used to love the darkness
even its deafening silence
I may never know what creature will lurk
Perhaps… my madness

I used to love the darkness
Now it’s a thing I certainly detest
I wish I could step outside of myself
I want to free from this worn body
…but there were too many chains.


the next time you will try
to hurt me.
Be sure you have a knife.
Stab me in front
not behind my back.
Do it-
If you are really
strong enough
to kill
a person
whose only intention
is to find peace.


If your love dies
If there are no more blue skies
If your skin withered
If happiness cascaded
Before you miss me
open your eyes,
discern the reality
Before the world ends
I only have favors to ask
Bury me while I am sleeping,
bury me while I am breathing,
Bury me while I am crying.
I’ve experienced death before
and Death doesn’t terrify me.



Everything is ephemeral,
If you opposed
then tell me something
that lasts forever.
No one.
Don’t tell it’s love;
it dies,
Don’t tell me it’s the memory;
it fades,
Don’t tell it’s you;
that is something
too surreal
To be true.

Last Time

The last time
I saw him,
I told myself
he was my past.
The last time
he kissed me
I told myself
He was just a dream.
The last he whispered
I love you
I told myself
He was my nightmare.
But the last time
I told myself
that I don’t love him anymore
was the moment
I recall,
I still am…

Perilous Trap

The last time
I glimpsed
At his face
I warned myself
Not to be enthralled
By his mischievous smile
He was not my Cupid
He was a trap
and I won’t forgive myself
Once I let myself fall
For his deceptive charm
He will not save me,
I am not his responsibility
to catch.

The Sad Girl’s Wishes

Christian Jay Sanchez


I wish, I was that girl whom you called beautiful. I wish, I was that girl
you texted every night. I wish, I was that girl you hugged when the rain
was pouring heavily. I wish, I was that girl whom you loved more than yourself. I wish, I was that girl in the photo. I wish I was that girl who slept on your lap. I wish, I was that girl you wanted to marry. How I wish, I was that girl so I may know what it feels like to be loved by you.

Words by: CJ Sanchez
Photo: Copy to the owner.

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I’m Tired of…

I’m tired of being unhappy
I’m tired of dealing with my anxieties
I’m tired of being a coward
I’m tired of being depressed
I’m tired of being sick
I’m tired of being hopeless
I’m tired of dreaming
I’m tired of blaming myself
I’m tired of crying
I’m tired of doubting myself
I’m tired of being the slave of my sin
I’m tired of reminiscing my painful past
I’m tired of dealing with these ominous creatures inside my head
I’m tired of being with toxic people
I’m tired of befriending my enemies
I’m tired of pleasing people
I’m tired of aiming
I’m tired of whining
I’m tired of over-thinking
I’m tired of reconciling
I’m tired of proving
I’m of everything
Most of all
I’m tired of failing God all over again.
I’m tired of accusing him why these things happening to me when in fact these are all my choice.
I’m tired. Exhausted. Ashamed of myself. I wish I could restart everything.

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