Uncanny thoughts are whirling inside my head, They made me awake, I can’t sleep, Even I wanted to. I won’t reveal that I am sad or depressed For who might believe me? I smile and laugh everyday. You want the truth right? but you can’t bear it. If I told you that I am an […]


Mea Novissima Die

If there is one person that I must hate it is not my foe, but myself. I am here, breathing but not alive, I am hugging my own grave. I shall sleep for I am tired and careworn I don’t know if I will wake up tomorrow but at least, I wrote my last poem. […]

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My mistakes, My wounded heart, My hopelessness, My atrocious visage, My failures, My broken dreams, My dignity. There will be no bandages, No medicines, No remedies, No magical words, Not even spells Could heal my scathed soul Could mend my broken heart. Not even you, Not even me, No one can cure my insurmountable illness, […]


Locked Heart

Keep me to your heart, lock the cage of it, Don’t give me the key It was yours, not mine. Your love might kill me, but I am ready to be killed, as long as it is you then it will be worth it. Hide me to your heart and don’t let me go outside […]

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His Sadness

If I will tell you that I am happy please do believe me, I have to seize that moment, for it might be the last time you could see me smiling and laughing with you, Because tomorrow I am withered and besotted again. photo: copy to the owner

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Someone’s controlling my mind no, I can’t describe him the only thing I knew was, he terrifies me. My mouth has its own mind it speaks every time it wants, I can’t control my mind, I can’t control myself. In the darkness where I found my solitude there were incantations, I wasn’t dreaming,  I wasn’t […]