The Other Side of Me

words by CJ Sanchez An austere reaction plastered through my visage, too naive about my future, too conscious about everything. I am not an open book don’t try to read me, For you might loath me once you read my chapters. I was drunk it’s not the lusty wine you should blame, but the wind. […]

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Wallflower’s Thoughts #01

I am saving myself from myself. Sounds ironic, every time I close my eyes and savor the deafening silence inside my room, it’s like I’m in the midst of very deep sea. I realized that, you can’t always save yourself, coz even yourself could be your worst enemy anytime, no one in this world is […]

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Sincerely, Your Erstwhile Friend…

​Forgive my wounded heart, Forgive my tactless mouth, I will walk away and bury our memories To lessen this unbearable pain. Thank you for making me feel worthless, Our path will never collide again, thank you for being part of my journey, to forget everything is the only key to save myself. Sincerely, Your Erstwhile […]

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words by: CJ Sanchez. Listening to the schmaltzy music makes me forlorn, The doleful face of palm trees I cannot fathom. They are telling me the world is coming to an end, I do believe them, I can feel it in my hands. End is inevitable, love will vanish, greed will arouse, hatred and envy […]

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